Our group focuses on multiproxy ancient dietary reconstructions by employing various biomolecular methods. Our expertise includes: 

  1. Organic residue analysis from pottery, including the identification of absorbed lipids and carbonised food remains;
  2. Stable isotope analysis of carbon, nitrogen and sulphur from bone collagen;
  3. Plant micro- and macrofossil analysis;
  4. Osteological and palaeopathological analysis (including archaeotanatology);
  5. Zooarchaeological analysis including studies in morphology, morphometrics, taphonomy and ancient DNA.

Additionally, we have further experience in various aspects of radiocarbon dating, elemental analysis, provenance and human migration studies. 

List of instruments routinely used in our lab include GC-MS/FID, EA-IRMS, MALDI/ESI/APCI-FT-ICR-MS, FT-IR, XRD, XRF, SEM-EDS, different optical microscopes