When archaeology meets chemistry

Who are we?

Archemy is the first archeochemistry lab in the Baltics that combines archaeology with analytical chemistry and aims to bridge humanities and natural sciences. Our group works in archaeological sciences, especially biomolecular archaeology, with major focus on ancient dietary and health reconstructions, migrations and provenance studies. Archemy has wide expertise in material culture studies, human osteology, zooarchaeology and archaeobotany. We have a direct association with the Institute of Chemistry which among others has a long-term track record for working with the chemical analysis of cultural heritage objects. 

Latest News

Parallel worlds and mixed economies in 3rd millennium BC Estonia and Latvia

Exploring Estonia & Latvia’s ancient history, Tartu University’s archaeologists made a captivating discovery: there was no direct transition from foraging to farming. Instead, their research revealed the simultaneous existence of[…]

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A revolutionary phase has emerged in archaeology through biomolecular advancements. This interdisciplinary field has undergone transformative changes, harnessing innovative technologies that offer insights into ancient history. The recent tenth International[…]

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Fun challenge on our Facebook and Instagram!

We regularly update our Facebook and Instagram for fun and informative content. Here is our Facebook: and our Instagram: Today we have a caption contest – what do[…]

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